Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why I am Mrs Gerbil

Now I am at uni and have formally begun training (yeah!), I am aware there may be people who read this who I will encounter. I find it exceptionally humbling knowing people read and enjoy this blog. Thank you. For your support, encouragement and general interest, whether or not you have commented.

I decided early on to adopt a pseudonym (did you guess that?) for a variety of reasons. Mainly, to help to protect the innocent. While I try not to give too much away when I am commenting on places and situations (and sometimes there are situations which I can't post here), if I posted under my real name who and where I was posting about would be much more identifiable.

So, for the moment, I am going to try to keep my anonymity. Again, it is an honour to be read. I thank you for continued your support and interest.

PS Now I have started uni, then quantity of posts will drop. Sorry, but study comes first and this is just too good a place to procrastinate!

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