Monday, 26 September 2011

Has The Doctor lost his way?

I really want to like Doctor Who. I've been a fan since the Tom Baker days. The first half of this series was looking so promising. It was scary and funny and complicated. Just how The Doctor should be. It even looked that Matt Smith was being his own Doctor,  rather than trying to fill David Tenant's shoes. And the acting had improved.

But since the start of the second half of the series I've been increasingly disappointed. The last couple of episodes have felt more like filler (lets give the main actors a bit of a break during filming type thing). That's okay for 1, but 2 or 3. Come on, Stephen Moffat, what are you playing at?

Saturday night's episode I found especially disappointing. What was the point? I mean, really? The only thing that seemed relevant to the story arch was the final scene. I didn't need 45 minutes of a poor story with actors who didn't seem like they cared for 2 minutes (if that) of the scene we actually needed for the series story.

Maybe, once the series is completed, all these episodes will make more sense. I hope so, otherwise it looks like Doctor Who is loosing it's momentum and heading into the territory of 30 years ago. And we long-term fans know what happened then.


  1. It's not DR Who that's lost it's way, but funding. Notice he can travel all of space and time, but now visits the Holiday Inn and John Lewis. The BBC don't realise they get more back from Dr Who than they pay in. They aren't saving money cutting this way.

    Same goes for Government science funding, morons don't understand it so they can't see that they loose more money but cutting.

  2. Yes, but the scripts for the second half of the series have been pretty rubbish. It seems they blew their whole budget on the USA stuff at the first half of the series and forgot the scripts can make or break the series. The original Doctor was mainly studio based and only went down hill when the scripts got really rubbish.
    That said, you're so right about investment, but the country doesn't seem to get that!


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