About me

I am a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Church of Scotland. This is, more normally, known as a minister. I was ordained in January 2016.
I have been a land surveyor and can give explanations of ortho-linear rectification
I like reading, cooking and dogs, or a combination of the above.
I own a unicycle. I can't juggle, but I can spin plates.
Occasionally I light fires.
I  once drove an old car from Kirkcaldy to Italy and back just to prove the car could manage it.On the way I explored an area 200 feet up  Salisbury Cathedral for no other reason than Canterbury Cathedral was shut.
I have studied Latin and Greek.
I once built a Tardis as it was too expensive to build a Delorean.
I am married to Spot the Gerbil.
I can tell you the difference between a buffalo and a bison
I am a homebrewer and winemaker.
I am a real ale drinker.

Mostly, though, I am a Christian and try though my actions and words to show God's love to all I encounter. I hope this blog helps towards this aim.