About this blog

I began this blog in September 2008, as my reflective journal during the Church of Scotland's enquiry and assessment process. In May 2010, I was selected as a candidate in training for the ministry of word and sacrament. In 'normal speak' that made me a trainee or student minister.

In 2015, I completed my ministry training and am now a fully ordained minister.

I use this blog to reflect on God, my faith, the church, society and the general silliness which clutters my brain. Some of what I write might be a jumble as I try to work through the problem or challenge as I see it. Others are just my rants or musings.

I infrequently post here, to protect the people and area I serve as minister. With the best will in the world, there really isn't a totally anonymous blog as the Church of Scotland is too small a place.

Disclaimer: All these thoughts are mine and do not necessarily reflect any organisation I am involved with. Where I "borrow" content I always link back to its original source.