Sunday, 23 March 2014

The aftermath

Earlier this week, I had the interim review I had asked for. It went well, though no formal decisions were made, as they will be made at my June review. I'm not surprised by that, and never intended this interim review to circumvent the 'rules,' - I more wanted this for a bit of reassurance that what I have done this year will allow me to progress to probation.

The atmosphere was really quite warm from the panel. It's not that there weren't tough questions - but I was expecting them. I think that's what made the difference. What I was pleased with, though it was unexpected, was an acknowledgement I was making myself vulnerable by having this review. I realised that within myself, but I was glad - no relieved - that the panel articulated this.

So, I go on with the rest of the academic year (which, scarily, only has 2 weeks left!!!) and onto exams and my June review much more comfortable with where I am. When the 'real' review comes around, I will treat it like an exam/job interview - proper preparation prevents poor performance. I will go in prepared and, hopefully, not complacent or arrogant. After all, God's got my back and has called me to ministry.

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