Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gender balancing act

I think, given I did not take Spot's surname when we were married, there are people who think I'm a feminist. (Oh, and I actually believed the careers advice propaganda that there were women on building sites - correction - woman, aka, me). Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

Something that gets to me about those who do regard themselves as feminists (and I accept I am probably going to get pelters about this) is moaning about use of names like fraternal, but don't seem to bat an eyelid at chaplains sometimes being called Padre. And, even is they do have a grievance with the latter, no alternative is offered (this is where I wonder what may be suggested). When I have challenged people to come up with an inclusive language alternative the silence has been deafening.

And then there's the 'positive discrimination' brigade. Don't give the job, position, opportunity, etc, to the best person for the job, but let a woman have a go. While I know some positions, especially in churches, may benefit from women being visible, I firmly believe there is no such thing as positive discrimination - discrimination is just that. When I am asked to fill a role, I want to be chosen because I am the right person for the role, not because I have breasts. I know that assumes a level playing field, but placing a woman in a role as a gender balancing act will not do that either.

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  1. "... given I did not take Spot's surname when we were married..."

    But you did take my screen surname when you set up your profile. :-)


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