Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Before travels begin again

Yesterday, I handed my dissertation in. I suppose it's a bit of a big moment getting that done and there was something quite satisfying about handing over a physical copy (all other uni assignments have been submitted digitally). Given there was a bit of confusion about how it was to be handed in (not from me, I hasten to add), I think I may have been the first.

I know I've worked hard on this and really enjoyed the research (the write-up was a pain the the proverbial - actually, no, it was the formatting of the whole thing which took over a day. The joy of photos and plans...). I know I couldn't have done my dissertation in the way I did had it not been for my background in mapping and surveying. Who'd have thought my first degree in would be so handy for a dissertation in the results of the Scottish Reformation! Just shows how interconnected all experience and knowledge and learning is in this journey of faith and calling.

There's a bit of me would like to just relax and kick back now the dissertation is done - though enjoyable, it's been a hard academic year. But, I still have work to do. There's a 1000 word commentary and general weekly blog for one class, then exams in May. I suppose there's this element of not wanting to lose momentum, in tension with needing a bit of a less frenetic pace. At least the way the timetabling of my exams works out, I can have a couple of weeks off once the non-exam work's out of the way. And I know I could do with it.

At least the end is nigh and I can see a lot clearer where I am going than I did earlier this academic year. Still, there is a bit of me thinks the last 3 years have flown in and can't believe I've got here at all. Whatever happens, long term, it's all part of the journey and I think I'll just take a bit of time to pause and look around at the moment, before the travels need to begin again.

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