Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Seeing things differently

I look at things differently from a lot of people. Things I see as glaringly obvious, others do not.

A recent example was when talking about church law (yes, I do lead such an exciting life). The way my brain works I want to know it well enough that I can use it well - hopefully also in the spirit as well as letter of the law.

The way I see rule books is they, metaphorically, are paperback books. They have a certain flexibility to them, but if they were thrown at a person/group/organisation the spine would be pretty hard and definitely make an impression. That particular person did wonder if I had ever thought of writing a novel, as I have a particularly different way of looking at the world and describing it.

The thing is, I don't recall not seeing the world in the way I do. It's only in the last few years (probably linked to enquiring and then training for ministry) that I have become aware how I see the world is not how many others do. Not that I see it in an especially bad way - just different.

Difference is good, though. With me coming at things from a different angel, it places a new perspective on things. So long as I describe things well and people accept this is what I do, it's all good. After all, God saw his creation as very good when he'd completed his creative work, but many people think that it's just people who he declared very good or that the world is no longer very good. Personally, I think it's God's world, so though not perfect, it's still got the potential to be very good as he created it.

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