Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Perceptive or stating the obvious?

Over the course of my training, I have been told I am very perceptive. In each instance, there has been something not quite right about a situation or person and I have noticed - that's all.

I didn't think in any of of these observations have been especially earth shattering. If a situation doesn't feel right I try to work out why (which I think is what reflective practise is all about). If a person isn't acting as they usually do, if I know them well enough that it won't be seen as intrusive, I ask if they are okay.

I thought part of the role of a minister would be to pick up on the signs something isn't quite right in a situation. Not necessarily to fix it (as that may not be possible or appropriate), but to support and care. Oh, it that not pastoral care?

Well, however I do this, for I know not, it seems it may be a useful gift I have. Even though in each situation where this observation of this gift of perception has been made of me I have sort of felt I am stating the obvious. Which perhaps suggest it's either not observed or mentioned often enough and could become the elephant in the room which no one mentions.

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