Thursday, 5 December 2013

Changing my mind about MTN

In my first year of training, I really didn't see the point of Ministries Training Network (or MTN, as we refer to it). Though it is intended to build up relationships, in a supportive framework, I didn't find that was the case. There was a variety of reasons for that, which I won't go into here, though a facilitator who didn't was not helpful.

Then, last year, I was moved to another group. As the idea is to build up supportive relationships, I wondered how that could happen if people were moved around groups. I understood the reason for the decision, but it added to my sense of MTN being something to be endured, rather than useful.

This year is the second year the group have been together. At our last meeting I really felt we were doing what MTN was supposed to do - support and encourage each other. There's a deepening of relationship going on and, I think, we are able to be quite open with one another.

Though I have said in other places I don't see the point of MTN, perhaps this year will change my mind. I just hope in my probationary year the group retains its stability.

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