Sunday, 20 April 2014

Time to say goodbye

This being Easter Sunday, not only was I leading worship where we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I was saying goodbye to Quarry Kirk. Easter, with it's hope and eternal message of God's love for the world seemed as good time as any to say goodbye. We all knew I would only be with them for a short while.

After the service I was so touched by the warmth from all in the congregation. They are genuinely very sorry to see me leave. Many more than normal stayed after the service to wish me well, over hot cross buns and cups of tea (both of which I toiled to consume, due to being in conversation so long). Some were even getting weepy as they were wishing me well and, consequently couldn't say much. Funny, sometimes people (on both sides of the equation) don't realise how much they are loved until the time for letting go comes.

I hope and pray things work out at Quarry Kirk. Like me, the path ahead is not necessarily straightforward. Such a shame, as they have so much to give, so much love and care for each other and their community. I hope, in my small way I have been able to sustain them in that journey.

Now, I go on with mine.

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