Monday, 21 April 2014

Feeding the hungry - on Easter Sunday

So, The Mail on Sunday had an article where one of their journalists went undercover to demonstrate how easy it is to get a voucher for a Foodbank parcel. As they put it, "No ID, no checks...and vouchers for sob stories."

Well, I was going to comment that I don't think the editors perhaps realise how humiliating, degrading and embarrassing it is for those who go seeking help, because they cannot afford to feed their families. Yes,. there may be people who will abuse the system, as there are people who will abuse any system, but given the information the journalist gave the people at the foodbank, it would appear the foodbank volunteer made a judgement call based on experience of dealing with others looking for parcels and, more importantly, IMHO, compassion. Compassion - now, why would a Christian charity have that for the poor and the needy?

It's the apparent upshot of the Mail on Sunday's article I find amazing. By all accounts there was a surge of donations to the Trussel Trust's Easter appeal - £19,000 given yesterday. And the comments people who have donated as a result of the Mail's article are 'interesting.' Perhaps the Trussel Trust should be thanking The Mail on Sunday for highlighting the need for foodbanks once more, especially on Easter Sunday!

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