Monday, 14 April 2014

Letting Go

As far as I am aware, I am fairly unique among all those training for ministry (at least at Edinburgh uni). This relates to my home (or sending) church. Basically, I have been associated with the same church (and it's pre-union versions) since I was was three.

Yet, for the last two and a half years, with placements, work experience and Quarry Kirk pulpit supply I have barely been to my home church. Actually, I don't think I have worshipped there for over a year.

It's a shame, in some ways, that I haven't been able to see the people there. Many I have known for as long as I have gone to church. Some less so, but all really care how I am (and, I suspect are really rather proud of Spot and I). My Mum does keep them up-to-date how we're getting on and they totally accept we can't be there and won't be coming back.

I know most of my peers, during their non-placement time, have returned 'home.' I can understand this, to a certain extent, as some have family who worship there or it's the church where they came to faith. Yet, (and this may be just me) I wonder if there is an unwillingness from both sides to let go. I just find it a little odd, when inevitably we candidates are going to move on. We have already been away on placement, so is constantly returning just prolonging the agony and making it harder when the time to 'really' let go comes

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