Sunday, 13 April 2014

A bum on a pew

Next Sunday is my last one with Quarry Kirk. It seems a long time ago since I decided Easter was a good time to finish there. It's an 'obvious' end or starting point in the church year, so seemed as good a time as any.

My reasons for leaving? Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. What better time than when we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and all that means, not just to the church, but whole world. On a more pragmatic (and selfish) note, I get a couple of months break from leading worship before beginning probation (maybe even a holiday???).

It'll be odd not having to prepare worship for a couple of months. Since starting training I think I've had 3, maybe 4 weeks in a row where I haven't had something to prepare for worship either on a Sunday or during the week. So though I know I need the break it will be odd (though good) to take the opportunity to just be a bum on a pew and 'just' worship. The question, for 2 weeks time, is where?

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