Friday, 13 June 2014

All coming together

It's like everything's coming together at the moment. Last week, my annual review allowed me to proceed to probation, which was a relief. At the start of this week, the degree classifications were out, and I have been awared a 2:1. Really chaffed with that, but once I'm on probation, degree classification will count for little. I's also better than the Desmond (a two-two) I received last time roudn. To think, I wasn't sure if I could manage an other degree, especially one so different from my first one. Just goes to show how hard work and persiverance pays off.

A couple of days ago, I had a meeting with my supervisor for probation - Laura Roslin. Mainly, this was to 'sort up' what we'd be doing while in Malawi, but also to get a bit of a grounding for when I come back to Airside in mid-July. It was a really good meeting and I know I will learn and grow a lot under her superision.

So, at the moment, I've been slowly but surely gathering various odds and sorts I'll need for visiting Malawi. Sun screen, travel shirts, head torch, duct tape, etc. While doing that, I am concious this will be an experience which will be full-on, as I live and eat and worship in Airside's twin community - learning and getting to know both those in Malawi and my fellow travellers. I am so looking forward to it and open to all it brings.

In  the meantime, there's photocopying and packing and briefings to do before we travel. But, in 2 weeks time, I'll be in Malawi and seeing, tasting and feeling it all for myself. Wow!

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