Wednesday, 4 June 2014

According to God's will

Tomorrow, I, along with about a dozen or so of the candidates in training, have our annual reviews. The outcome of these will decide whether or not those having their reviews can proceed to the next stage in their training. For most of us, the next stage is probation.

As I know all too well, the annual reviews, which take the form of an interview by a panel of three, are not 'tick-box' exercises. This is only right, as otherwise they could be a bit of a pointless exercise, though they can also be very daunting, as one wonders what the interview panel will pick up on.

I know I had an 'interim' review back in March, but no formal decision was made there. As such, there's no room for complacency on my part tomorrow.

I know I have worked hard this year, academically and pastorally. I trust the panel will see that and I will be the best I can be in the situation.

I suppose this is a 'big' review, as three weeks tomorrow I am due to fly out to Malawi with members of the congregation I will be serving my probation with.

I hope and pray God will be with all of us being interviewed tomorrow and with the panel members. And, ultimately, the decision made by the panel members for all the candidates is according to God's will.

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