Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Prayers in the Big Kirk

Today I had the privilege of leading mid-week prayers at the Big Kirk. This was the first time I'd lead any act of worship here nor have I lead this style before.

But there's a first time for everything. It was great that the minister asked me (well, she actually asked Spot and I, but he had his turn last week!). There are several people in the congregation who have a wee bit of worship experience and she's never heard me 'in action.'

Undaunted by the size of the space, combined with the historical significance of the place, I got on with the task in hand. Turning up, as is my want way too early, it gave me a chance to settle the nerves (or, perhaps not), place my notes on the lectern and get mic'd up. Having no pockets and the belt clip being very tight, this was a 2 person operation, but we got it sorted.

As the appointed time arrived, I let the assembled masses (crowd, no handful of people) know there was a small act of worship about to start. As the clock chimed, I looked up and 2 people had joined me (at least I wasn't talking to myself, and where 2 or more are gathered etc). Swallowing hard, I introduced myself and began the service.

I think it went well. I'm sure word will (or won't) get around. I know I was nervous, but hope that wasn't picked up. My voice did get louder and louder to compete with the ladies in the shop - really, can you not talk for 10 minutes? It's a good PA system, though. Just as well, for a space that big!

It's great to be asked (and trusted) to do these sort of things. I've said it before and I will say it again - the more experience I can get the better.

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