Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Where to worship?

So, now I've 'finished' with my first placement (though I know I will be processing what I've learnt for many years to come), the question of what to do on a Sunday arises.

I could go to my home church. Still at the back and enjoy. Or, I could try another church, even of a different denomination. It would be nice to go somewhere were I could just blend into the background and just worship. (I know worship is as much about being part of a community, but sometimes it's nice just to be, not to do).

Having looked at the range of options, it's not going to be easy finding somewhere that I am not know by someone (welcome to the world of ministry I hear people cry). To go somewhere else (and if they are welcoming - that most loaded of statements), would I be abusing their welcome in just being there to get anonymity?

So, I will see what Sunday brings.

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  1. Have found your blog inspirational and much appreciate the advice. D day has arrived, thanks for your prayers and taking time to respond! Flip I sound like I'm signing off


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